[★★Idol Stage Costume Trend] ”Exposure, Glitz and Unique”


Many Idol groups after debut show us a variety of sides including the characteristics of each group at each event or performance. With daring concepts that become a trend, the male or female idols do not hesitate to show each concept they’re given mixed with their own personality which makes each change become even more daring.

In the past groups showed a look with the same design with different colors, but these days each member gets to shine with their own unique fashion on stage. Nowadays each member catches the eye of the watchers, with each rocking different designs, styles and  bright colors.

The fashion catches the eye everytime. Girlgroup 2NE1‘s recent performance on Etude House Pink Play Concert is almost the beginning. Member Park Bom who is also dubbed as ”living-doll” didn’t fail to catch everyone’s eyes with her unique pink colored stockings making many eyes widen and stare at it again with her ”doll-like” legs shining in these stockings. Even though Bom was often seen in unique tights for a while, but every time she does wear them, it gives off a new fresh feel.

Even a idol has to know what could be good or not, especially with the wave of fashion trends changing every time, but even when the trend changes too fast many still show their dynamic fashion.

★★ Newly Emerged Colorful Pattern Stockings

A while ago the colorful stockings and leggings became the ”it” fashion thing with many people displaying it. But these days the new patterned stockings are the ”it” thing.

T-ara member Hwa Young displayed fun red desserted island-ish leggings along with a shirt with almost the same print but different colors, showing her unique fashion off at an event.

Recently solo-singer Ailee also did not fail to show off her sexy side with laced stockings and short shorts at the Etude Pink Play Concert. In addition T-ara’s Hyomin also showed off different unique stockings, with a unique print just above her knees and two different colors.

Girlgroup 2NE1‘s Park Bom also did not fail to bring a hot topic online with short shorts and her unique pink colored stockings showing off a unique styling and giving off a fresh new feel.

**irrelevant parts omitted

Source: Nate


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