From H.O.T to Fin.KL to 2NE1 – … Idol ★ Fashion Evolution

★★★ Idol Group, Okay. The same clothes as ”a group”, a big NO.


Recently the idol groups their fashion changed incredibly. The fact that the same group keeps launching a unique fashion with every comeback is definitely a change. Usually all members wear the same clothes but these days all members wear different kinds of costumes, lending the spot-light to each member increasing public’s interest in fashion.

2NE1 is the most representative group in that category. 2NE1 ever since debut never failed to show that they’re defenitely ”fashionistas”. Each and every stage they never fail to impress with different styling matching the body shape of each 2NE1 member which ofcourse doubles the charm. Member Park Bom‘s  tight mini skirts have always been an eye-catcher as she always showcases her gorgeous doll-like legs and a doll-like figure each and every time.

In addition with B2ST‘s recent comeback along with Teen Top they both introduced a different choreography by introducing a totally different styling than usual. With B2ST their colorful costumes emphasizing individiuality rather than unity with the choreography, every performance they make it fun to watch for fans and just regular watchers of the show they’re on.

From 1997 to 2012, the growth and change in idols has been quite eye-catching as well as the growth in ”unique fashion”. With new and unique fashion being shown everytime a idol group debuts or makes a comeback, many anticipate what the idols have in store for them in the future.

**irrelevant parts omitted


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