Stage Costumes Of Stars, A Real Way To Look And Enjoy!


Colorful outfits of idol singers and their songs make the performance much more attractive.

Idols of the past some what exaggerated style costumes as well as normal solo singers but nowadays the trend of fashion usually reflects on the season the idols are in. Stylish and unique outfits are worn these days, catching many their eyes. Street fashion to beyond sexy are some of the styles presented these days by idols.

Their colorful outfits worn in everyday life are a good enough way to look at the idols their fashion. They just don’t wear any outfit, they wear one that fits their personality which adds more charm to it. Very well known fashionista’s 2NE1After School and Davichi are some that know how to show unique fashion which many enjoy seeing.

♦ 2NE1′s Park Bom – The Funky Casual Look

2NE1‘s Park Bom, well known for wearing funky clothes mainly containing street sensibility, presents yet another unique stage costume during 2NE1‘s performance at theEtude Pink Play Concert 2012.

Each 2NE1 member presented a fashionable style mixed with their own personality. Bom showed up wearing short shorts with studs along with bright pink stockings and their recently own designed ‘‘I LOVE YOU” shirt showing her charismatic yet youthful appearance. It showed a funky new style giving off a fresh feel which many enjoyed seeing.

The accomplish Park Bom‘s stylish fashion in the easiest way, just choose a t-shirt you like with perhaps english writing on it like Bom. Add a few funky accessoires maybe on the shirt, whatever you like but not too much. Park Bom toned it down as seen in the picture. Now wear maybe you’re favorite shorts, you can add studs on them, it all depends on your own taste. Ofcourse do not forget the stylish stockings/leggings to complete the simple yet stylish street fashion look.

**irrelevant parts omitted

Source: BNT News


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