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Official Photos of 2NE1 GLOBAL TOUR 2012 – NEW EVOLUTION (Newark, NJ)



Fancams of 2NE1 from New Evolution Concert in New Jersey


Intro + I Am The Best


Talk + Clap Your Hands

Try To Follow Me

Don’t Stop The Music

It Hurts

Let’s Go Party

Can’t Nobody (English Ver.)


I Love You

Stay Together

I’m Busy


Pretty Boy

Hate You

I Don’t Care

CL’s Solo Stage

Minzy’s Solo Stage

Dara’s Solo Stage

Encore Stage

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Short Fanaccounts of 2NE1 New Evolution Concert in Newark, NJ


It was AMAZING. Oh my god, my girls were everything I wanted and more. I have a few videos I’ll be uploading. Because I got a few clips of fancams. (they were crappy though, since my phone was dying… had to use my damn ipod). ANYWAY.

All four of the girls were great. Bom has recovered from her cold, somewhat. She still sounded amazing. I LOVE HER. I cried when she sang You & I. Uuuuugh, perfect ladies. CL’s DJing was amazing… she looked simply flawless. Dara was so amazing, so vibrant on stage… also, she spoke in english. How fucking cute. >w<

Minji… lastly, the maknae stole the night. She truly did. So fucking gorgeous in person. Wow. My ladies made me so proud.

Now I’m tired as hell, been on my feel for over 12 hours. I’ll finally be going to bed. T_T

Oh and lastly… here’s a picture!

(from I don’t care in the beginning of the concert) – bom-evolution@tumblr

So I went to the 2NE1 concert last night

And it was quite possibly one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.  The four of them are just so electrifying in their performances and the entire Prudential Center was so into this concert.  It was worth every single penny spent to get home and see them.  I wish I could see them again *__* – tsubasadreams@tumblr

About the concert last night…

2NE1 proved to me once again that they really are the best. I swear I love them even more now. CL, BOM, DARA, and MINZY were so amazing with their awesome vocals, rap, dance, and fierce stage presence. I’m so proud to be a BLACKJACK and I will never regret being one. It felt so unreal to actually see them performing live in front of my eyes. AHHHH I’M GOING TO CRY THANK YOU YG, 2NE1, & MY FAMILY FOR LETTING ME HAVE THIS OPPORTUNITY. – zelbaeklgyu@tumblr

Stage Costumes Of Stars, A Real Way To Look And Enjoy!


Colorful outfits of idol singers and their songs make the performance much more attractive.

Idols of the past some what exaggerated style costumes as well as normal solo singers but nowadays the trend of fashion usually reflects on the season the idols are in. Stylish and unique outfits are worn these days, catching many their eyes. Street fashion to beyond sexy are some of the styles presented these days by idols.

Their colorful outfits worn in everyday life are a good enough way to look at the idols their fashion. They just don’t wear any outfit, they wear one that fits their personality which adds more charm to it. Very well known fashionista’s 2NE1After School and Davichi are some that know how to show unique fashion which many enjoy seeing.

♦ 2NE1′s Park Bom – The Funky Casual Look

2NE1‘s Park Bom, well known for wearing funky clothes mainly containing street sensibility, presents yet another unique stage costume during 2NE1‘s performance at theEtude Pink Play Concert 2012.

Each 2NE1 member presented a fashionable style mixed with their own personality. Bom showed up wearing short shorts with studs along with bright pink stockings and their recently own designed ‘‘I LOVE YOU” shirt showing her charismatic yet youthful appearance. It showed a funky new style giving off a fresh feel which many enjoyed seeing.

The accomplish Park Bom‘s stylish fashion in the easiest way, just choose a t-shirt you like with perhaps english writing on it like Bom. Add a few funky accessoires maybe on the shirt, whatever you like but not too much. Park Bom toned it down as seen in the picture. Now wear maybe you’re favorite shorts, you can add studs on them, it all depends on your own taste. Ofcourse do not forget the stylish stockings/leggings to complete the simple yet stylish street fashion look.

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Source: BNT News

From H.O.T to Fin.KL to 2NE1 – … Idol ★ Fashion Evolution

★★★ Idol Group, Okay. The same clothes as ”a group”, a big NO.


Recently the idol groups their fashion changed incredibly. The fact that the same group keeps launching a unique fashion with every comeback is definitely a change. Usually all members wear the same clothes but these days all members wear different kinds of costumes, lending the spot-light to each member increasing public’s interest in fashion.

2NE1 is the most representative group in that category. 2NE1 ever since debut never failed to show that they’re defenitely ”fashionistas”. Each and every stage they never fail to impress with different styling matching the body shape of each 2NE1 member which ofcourse doubles the charm. Member Park Bom‘s  tight mini skirts have always been an eye-catcher as she always showcases her gorgeous doll-like legs and a doll-like figure each and every time.

In addition with B2ST‘s recent comeback along with Teen Top they both introduced a different choreography by introducing a totally different styling than usual. With B2ST their colorful costumes emphasizing individiuality rather than unity with the choreography, every performance they make it fun to watch for fans and just regular watchers of the show they’re on.

From 1997 to 2012, the growth and change in idols has been quite eye-catching as well as the growth in ”unique fashion”. With new and unique fashion being shown everytime a idol group debuts or makes a comeback, many anticipate what the idols have in store for them in the future.

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[★★Idol Stage Costume Trend] ”Exposure, Glitz and Unique”


Many Idol groups after debut show us a variety of sides including the characteristics of each group at each event or performance. With daring concepts that become a trend, the male or female idols do not hesitate to show each concept they’re given mixed with their own personality which makes each change become even more daring.

In the past groups showed a look with the same design with different colors, but these days each member gets to shine with their own unique fashion on stage. Nowadays each member catches the eye of the watchers, with each rocking different designs, styles and  bright colors.

The fashion catches the eye everytime. Girlgroup 2NE1‘s recent performance on Etude House Pink Play Concert is almost the beginning. Member Park Bom who is also dubbed as ”living-doll” didn’t fail to catch everyone’s eyes with her unique pink colored stockings making many eyes widen and stare at it again with her ”doll-like” legs shining in these stockings. Even though Bom was often seen in unique tights for a while, but every time she does wear them, it gives off a new fresh feel.

Even a idol has to know what could be good or not, especially with the wave of fashion trends changing every time, but even when the trend changes too fast many still show their dynamic fashion.

★★ Newly Emerged Colorful Pattern Stockings

A while ago the colorful stockings and leggings became the ”it” fashion thing with many people displaying it. But these days the new patterned stockings are the ”it” thing.

T-ara member Hwa Young displayed fun red desserted island-ish leggings along with a shirt with almost the same print but different colors, showing her unique fashion off at an event.

Recently solo-singer Ailee also did not fail to show off her sexy side with laced stockings and short shorts at the Etude Pink Play Concert. In addition T-ara’s Hyomin also showed off different unique stockings, with a unique print just above her knees and two different colors.

Girlgroup 2NE1‘s Park Bom also did not fail to bring a hot topic online with short shorts and her unique pink colored stockings showing off a unique styling and giving off a fresh new feel.

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Source: Nate