Park Bom’s 1st Look Interview

Question: Have you expected any kind of reactions?
Bom: To be frank, even if these two here (CL & Minzy) sing children songs, they will still be able to show off their sexiness naturally.

Question: Will Park Bom have more responsiblities and worries since she’s the main vocalist?
Bom: There’s this verse in the 2nd half of the song where the lyrics goes “Don’t push me away and pull me back”. I really want to sing that part perfectly, and we recorded that part several times. It’s because to me, I feel that this particular part is the most important. Though it’s short, I really put in all my effort for that. Everything was done precisely and all the small details was taken into account. I always want to show and do my best for my fans, and now I want to give them a surprise.

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Minzy: “I watched ‘The Eraser In My Mind’ with Bom”

Minzy’s 1st Look Interview

Q: Do you usually watch a movie by engaging your full emotions?

Minzy: I don’t really have many tears, nor do I cry often. I watched <The Eraser In My Mind> with Bom and she sat beside me bawling the whole time. I kept thinking to myself ‘why is she crying?’ and felt completely fine throughout the whole movie.That’s why the people around me kept teasing, “You’re so cold-blooded.” But I cry every time I watch <Leon>. 

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Note: Eraser In My Mind is a korean movie also known as  A Moment to Remember.


2NE1 Interview With KStar10 About Their New Single “I Love You” And “New Evolution” World Tour

 2NE1, debuted in 2009, is a group of four transgressive young women artists pioneering new music styles and fashion. Going beyond synchronized dance routines and repetitive chorus, they were the first K-pop group to dominate local online music charts with five singles in a row: ““Don’t Cry,” “Lonely,” “I Am The Best,” “Hate You” and “Ugly.”

If you think the group’s international acclaim in a little over three years of their singing career is hard to believe, wait till you hear what is next: “NEW REVOLUTION.”

In between releasing the new single and going for the theatrical run, 2NE1 told the magazine about their world tour, “NEW REVOLUTION,” and their new tune– a cross-genre song of electronic and trot music– at the YG Entertainment office building in Seoul on July 6.

People of your generation didn’t grow up listening to trot music [an old Korean pop music genre based on four beats and sad melody from Japanese ballad “enka’”]. Was it not difficult understanding and digesting the genre?
Minzy: My parents love trot music so it wasn’t new to me at all.
CL: Even if you don’t grow up being exposed to trot music, you know the feeling of it. It wasn’t so difficult imagining what kind of message trot music has inside (its lyrics and melody).
Sandara: My mom loves trot so I used to sing “The man in Shinsadong” (translated title) a lot.
CL: Minzy was good at singing the trot parts of our new song.

What’s attractive about trot music?
CL: I’ve realized that this is a very difficult genre to learn. Not only do you need to get the nuance of it but go deeply into the song and feel it. It requires a different singing style as well. I tried the intro part of the song but couldn’t pull it off well.

Aside from the genre’s unique characteristics, were you guys able to digest the lyrics?
CL: Since our debut in 2009, we’ve been singing about love from a unique perspective. This time, it’s just a typical love story. But when you go deep into the details in the lyrics, it’s a stalker basically; a scary woman singing about love (laugh).

How was “I LOVE YOU” made?
CL: As far as I know, our producer, Teddy, made it for fun last winter. It was a long time ago when he came up with the tune and everything. I guess he was looking for something very different from our past songs, since we are always seeking for something new, and more sensational. (When the song came out) We members thought it was fresh and figured “I LOVE YOU” will connect different generations and people from different backgrounds.

Last year, you guys were singing about how cool you are in “I AM THE BEST, which is totally the opposite of what you sing in “I LOVE YOU.” Was it not difficult getting into the lyrics?
CL: If you’re a woman, you always have those two different attitudes at the same time. “I AM THE BEST” shows the peak of one’s self-confidence whereas “I LOVE YOU” describes a woman who yearns for love. I guess everyone holds these two emotions concurrently.

Which song would you say describes 2NE1 better?
CL: “I AM THE BEST” only on stage (laugh).

How about the following singles after ‘I LOVE YOU’?
CL: We were initially planning to release ‘I LOVE YOU’ together with other songs. But since we were putting a lot of work into each song, it was going to take us too much time to finish all to release it (this summer). We’re currently working on the next single and not sure when we’ll drop it. It will be much closer to 2NE1’s style and freer than ‘I LOVE YOU.’ I’m expecting to do some weird things on the next one (laugh).

What is your new fashion style going to be like? Any special stage props this time?
CL: We’ve tried to look feminine and classic. When you watch our music video, you’ll feel that it has a lot of vintage and antique feelings. It might be too much, but we wanted to go classic by using many vintage-style accessories and outfits. At the same time, we also combined some Korean look to let people know more about Korea. It’s those small details that make our new concept special.

Sandara had a dramatic change in her do. Weren’t you worried about changing to undercut hairstyle?
Sandara: I was a bit worried at first but I think I did it without a thought (once I made my decision).

Was it to go with the album’s new concept? Whose idea was it to do the undercut?
CL: No it wasn’t for the album actually. At first, I was thinking about changing my hairstyle like that and figured it will make my sharp impression stand out even more. I thought someone with a pretty face should do it so I suggested the undercut hairstyle to Sandara.
Sandara: I did it… but…
CL: I was right next to her when she was getting the cut and the hairstylist told me to cut her hair before shaving it. Sandara later shaved it while crying.
Sandara: I wasn’t literally crying with tears running down my face. It was a bit like the sad feeling before going to the army, you know (laugh). I’ve already shaved it two or three times and now it feels like nothing.

Your first world tour, “NEW REVOLUTION,” is like throwing your hat in the ring to go global. Do you have specific plans about how and what you want to do at “NEW REVOLUTION”?
CL: We think our next world tour after this year’s is the real start. This time, it’s more like visiting and communicating with our fans abroad. We’ve worked with many foreign musicians and professionals to meet global fans.

If you were to choose just one country where you look forward to perform next time, which country would that be?
CL: I’ve heard that we have a large number of fans in Latin America. Maybe it’s the passionate and strong feelings that Latin American music is known for (that 2NE1 is popular there). I really want to perform there.
Bom: I heard from that 2NE1 has a lot of fans in Brazil. I would love to go there soon.

How’s the preparation for the world tour going?
CL: We already began practicing for the tour two months ago and we’ll really buckle down to push things forward (before it kicks off in Seoul this month). From next week, we start doing band rehearsals and all our staffs from abroad will fly in. Oh, and we’ll play the same versions for all cities we visit. We held our concerts last year and since then we’ve only released one new song, ‘I LOVE YOU.’ Since the setlist is going to be pretty much the same as last year, we’re doing some remix for all songs except our latest love tune. Our performance director is preparing a flamboyant stage and adding to that, we’re wearing Jeremy Scott’s stage costumes. Everything will be fancy and showy.

Do you guys have a lot of burden on your shoulders for the world tour?
CL: We’re actually excited about it and can’t wait to start the tour. Perhaps answering questions in interviews can be more stressful than performing on stage. Anywhere in the world, we’ll be able to truly enjoy staging our shows.

Sandara and Park Bom are turning 30 next year. What would you guys like to do during the last five months of your 20s?
Sandara: I have a load of things I want to do. I’ve been too busy with my work the past few years. (If I have to pick one) I’d like to fall madly in love but as you can see, I have only six months left so I highly doubt that’ll happen (laugh).
Bom: For me, I don’t think I have anything particular. Being over 30 will be attractive in its way.

What do you want to do the most these days, Minzy and CL?
Minzy: I have a few things that I want to learn. Whether it is learning a language, dancing or whatever, I want to set one-year plan to learn something new. Lately I’ve been reading a lot. The title is ‘You’ve Been Hurt Because You Are in Your Youth’ (translated title).
CL: I have so much that I want to do that I don’t know which one to start with. This is actually what G-Dragon and I have been talking about together. It’s related to culture and fashion. But since we’ve been so busy with our work it never got carried out in action. Anyways, that’s my dream: creating a space to allow people in our age and the next generation to keep developing the Korean culture. I’m not sure how exactly it will turn out but certainly it’ll be music and fashion-related.

It’s been three years since 2NE1’s debut. What’s your ambition as a member of 2NE1?
CL: We’re always craving to show something new. When people feel that 2NE1’s music or our style is sensational and boring, I’d be more disappointed that they are. It’d be meaningless to do music when we can’t be inspirational to people.

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The 1st girl group in the nation to go on a world tour ’2NE1′ – Interview

The first girl group to be going on a world tour, 2NE1. 
They said: “I cannot forget the experience of being on stage”, 
“I want to meet with more fans as soon as possible”. 
From left to right: Sandara Park, Gong Minji, CL, Park Bom

Girl group 2NE1 has just released their single “I Love You” on the 5th, which is currently dominating music charts. 2NE1 will also be releasing a new single within the next three weeks and the English and Japanese versions are also expected to hit the global market. All the songs from the mini-album that they released last year were at the top of the charts and more than 100 000 copies of the album have been sold. Also their debut tour in Japan last year saw the largest number of attendees, 70 000 people, which has spurred them to become the first girl group in the nation to be going on a world tour. In the coming 28th-29th, they will be performing at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. Thereafter, starting with the United States, they will perform in 10 cities within 7 countries such as those in Europe and Asia. We met leader CL and members Park Bom, Gong Minji and Sandara Park for an interview on the 6th.

▶”I Love You” is unique in its melody

“While hip-hop is based on a mix of genres such as electronic, reggae, R&B, this time around we’re doing a trot melody with electronic sounds. This is done so to enhance it’s popularity. Trot appeals to a wide range of ages, (we did it) so the fans can all relate to it. Although it’s not a song that the fans are expecting from us, the members’ reactions to it were explosive(T/N: They really loved it).” (CL)

“(I) thought it was a joke when we first heard that it’ll be trot. “No way” I thought, how is this going to work. However the potential of making this song a big hit was so good. It’s a mix of trot as well as genres such as rock and rap. It delivers both a sense of freshness and familarity at the same time.” (Bom)

▶There also seems to have been a change in lyrics & style

“The emphasis is on “women who want to be loved”. Although lyrics like “Please only be good to me”

“Please only ever smile for me” are somewhat childish, they are stalker-like lyrics that bluntly express the feelings of women. This somehow eases the sexy concept.” (CL)

“I was ‘half-cut’ for this music video (the hair on one half of her hair was cut short). Although it was a little awkward but it’s awesome that my hair dries really quickly (after washing) now. I felt that I was lacking in charisma in comparison with the other members so I shaved (my hair off) like that and gained more confidence for performances.” (Sandara Park)

▶Scheduled to release new music both at home and abroad

“I LOVE YOU’ Japanese Version & English Version will be both released at the same time through iTunes in the United States. In Japan, due to the existence of the ‘enka’ genre of songs, there would be common ground in accepting trot songs. As there isn’t a genre like trot in the United States, (the song) may feel rather new.” (Bom)

“The second single will be released 3 weeks from now. It’ll be a “2NE1-esque” hip-hop song.” (CL)

▶Why do you think foreigners like 2NE1 & Kpop?

“The passion for music that Korea has cannot be easily found anywhere else. As compared to singers in Japan and USA, our (Korean) singers are more passionate. 2NE1 has been mixing eastern and western genres of music. The trot melody (that I Love You has) is one of those efforts.” (CL)

▶How is the first world tour being carried out?

“We’ll be going to Los Angeles in America right after our Seoul concert, and one month later we’ll be doing performances in Japan before going to Europe. As we’re doing quite a few performances overseas, expectations to be able to see lots of fans are growing. It was really fun when we tried out doing a concert for the first time last year. The feeling of meeting with the audience on stage is unforgettable. Even though it was very tiring, I want to stand on stage again. The performances this time around will be spectacular. There will be new arrangements for old songs specially for the performances. The staff lineup is also amazing; in particular we have Beyonce’s choreographer and Michael Jackson’s stage director on the team.” (Sandara Park)

▶What is the point that differentiates 2NE1 from others?

“Dazzling and extraordinary members. All four members do not possess ordinary dispositions. On stage, we always let go of ourselves and perform freely. Our songs are always exciting and the atmosphere is always a fun one.” (Gong Minji)

2NE1, however, is not even slightly interested in composing. If they were to compose, their own personal colours (i.e. their own personal styles) would tend to cause them to ‘get stuck’ whilst composing. They explain that they would rather focus on expressing themselves with the perfectly blank slates that new songs provide. They mentioned that singer Madonna, is the best representation of this idea.

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2NE1, “We will never stop reinventing ourselves”

2NE1 has always been a daring group. Whether it be their visual aesthetics to their musical colors, the four ladies have been unstoppable when it comes to pushing boundaries, meriting fashion and music to produce their own style.

Just over three years ago, the girls were introduced to the music scene at a time where the cute and sexy concepts were set as marketing trends by many agencies. However, 2NE1 stood out and begged to differ.

The girls strived to show that girl groups don’t always have to cater to male listeners, that the message of independence and empowerment can and should be delivered to the mainstream audience. But most importantly, they wanted to show that a girl group is more than capable of stepping out of the usual girl group mold of K-Pop: they wanted to stand out.

Taking hip-hop as the main core, 2NE1‘s music has changed throughout the years. Whether it be the minimal, gothic ballad number “It Hurts,” to the club-banger “I Am the Best,” the girls are back once again with the challenge to reinvent themselves with a new look and a new style of music.

The release of “I Love You” is a brand new step for the girls. Producer Teddy Park tells that the song went through a long process of tweaking until it was deemed fit for the mainstream audience.

“The song, at first, had a very heavy “trot” feeling. If you compare the song to what it sounded like at the very start, you wouldn’t be able to tell that it was the same song,” says leader CL, “We had to keep on changing it to make it a little more radio friendly.”

However the song, to the girls, still sounds foreign. “Well, we call it a hybrid of electropop,” continued CL, “The song might be a little more familiar to our Japanese listeners because it takes the mold of the traditional “enka” genre. Our international fans may find the sound on the song as something new and refresing.”  

For 2NE1, their new single holds another important motive that steps off the territory of musical innovation and fashion. The girls stated that they wanted to give their international fans a little taste of the Korean culture. From the modernized hanbok to the Samgomu dance (traditional Korean drum dance) in “I Am the Best,” the girls continue their attempt to incorporate little elements of Korea into their performance and videos.

For 2NE1, the look is just as important as the music. A new single means a complete make over for the girls, and as expected, 2NE1 has brought forth a newer, exciting and, of course, shocking look. MemberDara showcased her “half-shaven” hair do, a rather uncommon choice of style, especially for a girl group member. Dara has always been credited as the experimental member having gone through a wide selection of wacky hairstyles in the past.

“I think I keep going for different looks because, to be quite frank, I think I lack the charisma and individual charm that the other members have,” confesses Dara, “I gain a lot more confidence as a performer when I go for more experimental styles.”

“I don’t know if this half-shaven look is shocking enough,” continues Dara with a laugh, “I think I should have gone for something a little more stronger!”

Much like 2NE1’s promotion cycles in the past, they will yet again be promoting various songs, one by one, to support the record. “I Love You” will serve as their single for the pop lovers, while they will be releasing an urban single to satisfy the cravings of their more hip-hop inclined fans.

For 2NE1, 2012 will be a fresh new start. They will not just be promoting in their home turf, but overseas as well. The girls recently announced their world tour, a first for a girl group in the history of Korean pop music. Kicking off at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium, the tour will make stops at 7 countries. The show is the end product of collaborating with various choreographers and directors: Travis Payne, famed for working with Michael Jackson, and Beyonce’s tour director of music Divinity Roxx are just to name a few. “The most exciting time for a artist is when going on tour,” says CL, “Now I know why artists crave to be on stage; it’s just such an amazing experience.”

Meanwhile, 2NE1 will be releasing an English version of “I Love You,” especially made for their international fans. They have also shown interest in returning to the Japanese industry once more. “We feel as if we haven’t had a proper chance to get to know our international fans that well,” says 2NE1, “Hopefully we will be able to change that with the start of our tour.”

“There is no such thing as the ’2NE1 style.’ We’re not a group that will stick to one color,” concludes CL, “Predictability and normalcy; it’s all so boring, isn’t it? We will never stop reinventing ourselves; we’ll always be the group with no boundaries, no limits and no answers.”

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Yang Hyunsuk: “It pains me to see 2NE1.”

Yang Hyunsuk, “It pains me to see 2NE1.” (Interview)

The strict head of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyunsuk, revealed his affectionate feelings towards 2NE1 who came back recently on the 5th. He expressed that he was “hurt” because he couldn’t pay as much attention as he wanted to to 2NE1′s comeback.

On this day, he told OSEN “These days when I see 2NE1, it pains me. Usually when artists from our company make a comeback, starting from a few months before the comeback I would spend day and night, sleep and eat with them, and take care of them. However this time I couldn’t do that for 2NE1.”

Starting last year from December, till this April, Yang Hyunsuk was a judge on SBS ‘K-Pop Star’ representing YG, and had undergone an extremely busy schedule for the first half of the year. In addition to a lot of overlapping schedules at the company, the time he spent on 2NE1 seemed somewhat short.

He revealed, “After so long, 2NE1 is making a comeback in July, when so many other artists are coming back. Especially at this time when it’s really a ‘comeback boom’ I should have taken better care of 2NE1, but I feel terribly sorry that I was unable to do so.”, “So during the last week, I cancelled all my plans and just stayed with 2NE1 throughout and personally monitored their choreography and singing, etc.”

He added, “To our 2NE1 members who are like daughters to me, I feel both sorry and thankful. To the extent that I was unable to pay as much attention to them, till the end of this year, it’s my plan to wholeheartedly focus on 2NE1 till the end of this year.“

Not only just the 2NE1 members, but Yang Hyunsuk has not forgotten the fans supporting these girls either. In regards to the fans who are always supporting the girls, he promised “To the fans as well, I’m terribly sorry. In order to repay you guys, I will work harder for 2NE1.“

Yang Hyunsuk is planned to participate as a judge in the second half of the year as well on ‘K-POP Star 2′. He has been ridiculously busy not only due to the discussions for this upcoming program, but also because of several internal issues at the company. He stated “I’ve been too busy to even rest lately because of work at the office. However when I was with 2NE1, I tried not to appear tired. This is because I didn’t want to give any trouble to 2NE1.”, “This past week with 2NE1, every second spent working on the comeback was worth it.“, displaying his affectionate feelings for 2NE1, as well as increasing the anticipation for their comeback.

Mean while, 2NE1 released a music video teaser for their song ‘I Love You’ at midnight today. The music video teaser added a sexier feeling to 2NE1′s charismatic music, and displayed their even more matured charm. 2NE1 is planning to make their first comeback on the 8th on Inkigayo.

In addition, they will be holding their Seoul concerts on the 28th and 29th that will kick off their world tour, ‘New Evolution’.

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David Choi talks about 2NE1

Sira and Jenifer caught up with

David Choi on his Melbourne Leg of his Asia Pacific Tour. Jennifer asked David about his favorite K-Pop band and he answered that he liked 2NE1. At around 4:14.

David Choi is a native Los Angeles singer/songwriter/producer whose songs and tracks have been heard on NBC, FOX, VH1, MTV, A&E, E!, Travel Channel, Style, PBS, Food Network, Disney, retail stores all over the USA, as well as in national commercials overseas. He has worked with brands such as Kelloggs, Starburst, American Cancer Society, GE, YesStyle, Google, Toyota, Samsung, and JC Penney. On YouTube, he has over 1,000,000 subscribers and over 100,000,000 total video views.

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Park Ji Min Mentions Park Bom on Her Interview with Elle Korea

EG 방송을 하면서 만난 여러 스타들 중 가장 설레었던 만남을 꼽자면요?
박봄 언니요. 평소 언니 노래를 좋아했거든요. GD&TOP 오빠들도 빼놓을 수 없죠. 정준하 아저씨도 정말 친절하셨고요.

ELLE: During the broadcast (SBS K-Pop Star), you met a lot of celebrities. Among all of them, can you name the artist whom you were so excited to meet?

Park Ji Min: Park Bom unnie. I have always liked her songs.  I can’t also miss GD & TOP oppas.  Jung Jun Ha ahjussi is  so nice too.

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