Short Fanaccounts of 2NE1 New Evolution Concert in Newark, NJ


It was AMAZING. Oh my god, my girls were everything I wanted and more. I have a few videos I’ll be uploading. Because I got a few clips of fancams. (they were crappy though, since my phone was dying… had to use my damn ipod). ANYWAY.

All four of the girls were great. Bom has recovered from her cold, somewhat. She still sounded amazing. I LOVE HER. I cried when she sang You & I. Uuuuugh, perfect ladies. CL’s DJing was amazing… she looked simply flawless. Dara was so amazing, so vibrant on stage… also, she spoke in english. How fucking cute. >w<

Minji… lastly, the maknae stole the night. She truly did. So fucking gorgeous in person. Wow. My ladies made me so proud.

Now I’m tired as hell, been on my feel for over 12 hours. I’ll finally be going to bed. T_T

Oh and lastly… here’s a picture!

(from I don’t care in the beginning of the concert) – bom-evolution@tumblr

So I went to the 2NE1 concert last night

And it was quite possibly one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.  The four of them are just so electrifying in their performances and the entire Prudential Center was so into this concert.  It was worth every single penny spent to get home and see them.  I wish I could see them again *__* – tsubasadreams@tumblr

About the concert last night…

2NE1 proved to me once again that they really are the best. I swear I love them even more now. CL, BOM, DARA, and MINZY were so amazing with their awesome vocals, rap, dance, and fierce stage presence. I’m so proud to be a BLACKJACK and I will never regret being one. It felt so unreal to actually see them performing live in front of my eyes. AHHHH I’M GOING TO CRY THANK YOU YG, 2NE1, & MY FAMILY FOR LETTING ME HAVE THIS OPPORTUNITY. – zelbaeklgyu@tumblr


Mini Fanaccount About Park Bom Departing @ Haneda Airport

An ugly doll given to Bom

An ugly doll given to Bom
  • I met her today,I asked her “Are you ok??”she answered “OK” but the voice was so bad ;(
  • I said”I put it myself and used iron first time in my life”,then she laughed and touched this alphabet
  •  I want to shake hands with her but I don’t know why,she put liquid foundation in the back of her hands lol

Source: Mihox618

Fanaccount of A Lucky Bombshells at 2NE1 After Concert Fan Meeting


I rose my hand.

Bom: Kristine!

Me: Why didn’t you wear a belly button tee?

Bom: Ah, let me address this. I lost a lot a weight and I worked hard, but when I lost weight I couldn’t sing well. (laughs).

Bom pointed at me during Ugly and then looked surprised and pointed again during I Don’t Care.

Bom called her name when she wanted to ask question

Bom: Oh~ Kristine!

Source: kristinekwak

A/N: The fan meeting was held after today’s concert. You can attend the fan meeting as long as you watched the two concerts and got stamps (Blackjack logo). 

Setlist + Various Fan Accounts About Park Bom @ 2NE1 New Evoluction Concert in Seoul (Day 1)


Concert Proper:

  • Intro Video
  • Hate You + IATB
  • Fire Remix
  • Talk
  • Clap Your Hands
  • I Don’t Care Reggae Version
  • Don’t Stop The Music
  • CL Solo Stage
  • Bom Solo Stage (Don’t Cry & You and I Piano Version)
  • Try To Follow Me
  • Please Don’t Go Circus Version
  • Pretty Boy Remix
  • Minzy Solo Stage
  • Dara Solo Stage (Kiss Sexy Version)
  • It Hurts
  • Lonely
  • In The Club
  • Stay Together Disco Version
  • I Love You Remix
  • Ugly
  • Let’s Go Party
  • Scream Remix
  • Hate you Remix
  • Go away Remix
  • Cant Nobody Remix


  • I Don’t care
  • I Am The Best Remix

Thanks to WeLoveDara / _rilakkuma / enewsworld


  • Park Bom’s solo time!!! She is singing…U & I~Her vocal skills are AMAZING

– enewsworld

  • At the venue before the concert started, slideshow of 2NE1′s trip in the Philippines was shown and a short clip with a caption of “2NE1 Philippines coming soon” at the end. They also showed 2NE1′s new CF for Adidas which showed the girls dancing in the streets of Shibuya and Jeremy Scott was also shown.
  • You and I now… Bom’s wearing a long flowing dress, Spring Goddess. White cloth flowing at her back. She’s on top of a platform and there’s wind being blown so her hair is flowing! ^_^ So beautiful! Bom’s dress with a deep V! ^_^ Yes, cleavage! kekeke
  • After the concert, Bom walked around outside the venue taking photos of Poong Poong mascot and her mango tree wreaths.

– WeLoveDara

  • Silly Bom got startled by the fireworks today, she was in a daze for about 2 seconds; and when the machine started blowing wind, Bom didn’t manage to get her timing right and was kinda flailing in the wind. But after she got her bearings, she started doing model poses and ‘Spring Lady’ poses with the wind blowing
  • Bom, when sliding down the inflatable slides on stage today, missed the timing to sit up/get off, then she just simply lay down on the slide… and then they had to climb a ball-like structure on stage, Bom found it quite difficult to climb and she tried so hard (in various unglamorous poses).. and when she finally managed to climb on it, she couldn’t get down! So she sat at the edge and propped her head on her hands and swung her legs around. It was sooo cute!
  • I think it was during I Am The Best.. After Minzy was done doing her moves on the floor at the left side of the stage, it was Bom’s turn to sing her part but she suddenly went to the right side of the stage and sat on the floor. I was thinking inside “Are you serious is she going to dance like how Minzy does??“… but Bom just stretched out her pretty legs and sang like a boss! At that moment I was laughing so hard I was tearing
  • It’s like today, we had a cuteness explosion from Bommie! She was no doubt beautiful, but the whole time she kept on doing cute cute gestures, kept on doing ‘hearts’ (i.e. that heart action where you hold both your hands up), and danced at the edges of the edge to get closer to the audience, I was totally charmed by her.

– katou_iwaki (translated by: mickayye)

  • During Bom’s part of Can’t Nobody she sat on stage and sang.
  • Bom kept climbing up the blow up slide and fell durig the encore so cute!

– kristinekwak

A/N: Amazing setlist from the girls and it looks like most of the song are all remix. Looking forward to day 2 of the concert, fighting!

Fan Accounts About Park Bom During 2NE1 Recording For M!Countdown + Inkigayo

  • Bom was about to sing her part and the music stopped and she pouted. So cute~~~~~>< Minzy looked great and happy today~~ dhakin her tushie cutely kekeke. Bom was in Pierre Hardy sneakers and Dara and CL in Louboutin sneakers. Bom said she would work hard to wear a belly button shirt at the concert.
  • Bom ripped Minzy’s scarf with her ring Bom said she would work hard to wear a belly button shirt at the concert.
–   halohalokitty July 12, 2012 @ M!Countdown
  • Bom waved and did a heart. She said “You guys will come next time right? Are you sure?”
– kristinekwak  July 15, 2012 @ Inkigayo

A Fan Shares Her Experience of Meeting 2NE1 At Nice Airport, France


 I was at nice airport tonight and I walk next to bommie I talked to her and she signed my book !! I still can’t believe it. she’s indeed a goddess, and her voice, OMG, when she accepted to sign my book, her voice. Her skin is really white, she smell nice, her voice is so awesome and she’s really nice. I love her even more.

Dara was really nice, Minzy is an angel, she signed many autograph, Bommie is a goddess, so nice and cute and perfect and CL seemed to be very tired, she immediately went to the car after leaving the airport.

Source: kawaiigarden