Official Photos of 2NE1 GLOBAL TOUR 2012 – NEW EVOLUTION (Newark, NJ)



2NE1 Facebook: “…each member of 2NE1 directed their own looks for the shoot.”

2NE1의 글로벌 투어 타이틀인 ‘NEW EVOLUTION’에서 영감을 받아 멤버들 각자가 선택한 ‘STYLE (CL)’, ‘BEAUTY (BOM)’, ‘RELATIONSHIP (DARA)’, ‘CULTURE (MINZY)’ 파트를 직접 디렉팅하여, 각 멤버들의 개성이 가득 담긴 1st look이 탄생하였습니다.

Drawing inspiration from their Global Tour “New Evolution”, each member of 2NE1 directed their own looks for the shoot. The concept for each member’s style for their 1st Look shoot was born from a word: CL represents “style”, Bom represents “beauty”, Dara represents “relationship”, and Minzy represents “culture”.

Source: 2NE1 Facebook


2NE1 Updates their Facebook cover photo

Can’t wait to see the other tour dates and places. ^.^


2012.07.28 (SAT) / PM 6
2012.07.29 (SUN) / PM 6
@ Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, Olympic Park

2012.08.17 (FRI) / PM 8

2012.08.24 (FRI) / PM 8

2012.09.01 (SAT) / PM 6
2012.09.02 (SUN) / PM 4

2012.09.07 (FRI) / PM 7
2012.09.08 (SAT) / PM 4

2012.09.11 (TUE) / PM 7
2012.09.12 (WED) / PM 7

Source: 2NE1′s Facebook Page

Maybelline New York – Japan: “We’ve decided to have a collaboration with the popular Korean girl group 2NE1 for the new Cat Eye Mascara!

We’ve decided to have a collaboration with the popular Korean girl group 2NE1 for the new Cat Eye Mascara!!

It will be released in late August and this new volume mascara will make it easy to create cat-eyes.
The “Volume Express Magnum Cat Eyes Waterproof Mascara” will have a tie-up new song with the currently super popular k-pop artist 2NE1!

The PR presentation was held somewhere in Tokyo and BOM attended on behalf of the members.

“Volume Express Magnum Cat Eyes Waterproof Mascara” is the long-awaited new product from New York’s most popular “Volume Express Magnum Series”.
With collagen*1 and a small flick of the brush, the corner of your eyes and eyelashes will be attention grabbing as the cat eye look is generated.

In collaboration with 2NE1, we will deliver the “Cat Eye Look” to Japanese women!

[Product Information]
Product Name: “Volume Express Magnum Cat Eyes Waterproof Mascara”
Price: All one colour, 1200yen (1260 yen, including tax)

*Water-soluble collagen. Smooth support components.

Source: Maybelline New York – Japan

Translated by: cathleehuynh

2NE1 – 2012 1st World Tour, NEW EVOLUTION!!


Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

2NE1’s 1st World Tour! 2012 NEW EVOLUTION 1st world tour will be started with their Korean concerts on the 28th and 29th of next month, at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium!!

For the first girl group to hold a world tour, 2NE1’s world tour will be held by Live Nation, and Live Nation’s worldwide networks and staff will be working with 2NE1. At 2NE1’s world tour ‘New Evolution’, fans will be able to experience advanced performances with amazing high quality of sounds of Teddy and these songs were rearranged by world’s best music director and session musicians to create the best concert for everyone to enjoy. 

Beyond your expectations!

The best concert that produced by world’s best production team!

2NE1 2012 1st World Tour – NEW EVOLUTION!!

Please see below for more information!!

◆ Concert Info ◆

– Title : 2NE1 2012 1st World Tour – NEW EVOLUTION

– Cast : 2NE1 (CL, BOM, DARA, MINZY)

– Date : 2012, July 28 (Sat) 6PM / 2012, July 29 (Sun) 6PM

– Venue : Olympic Gymnastics Stadium

– Ticket Price : All seats 88,000 KRW (Tax Included)

– Age Rating: 8 years old and above

– Hosted by YG Entertainment

◆ Ticket Open Information ◆

– Ticket: exclusive at G Market (

– Inquiry line: 1566-5702

– Date of Ticket Open : 2012, June 26 (Tue) 8PM

◆ Concert Guide Info ◆

[2012, July 28 (Sat) 6PM / 2012, July 29 (Sun) 6PM / 8 years old and above]

Thank you.

Source: 2NE1 Official Facebook Page



Intel Korea “Make Thumb Noise” Poster Event

50 people who post the right answer of where Dara found the Ultrabook in the comment section of Intel’s Facebook post will get 2NE1′s posters.* If you share the post, chances of you getting chosen will be higher. Deadline to enter is June 14. Click HERE

Good luck everyone!

*Though it is not explicitly stated, there is a high probability that this event is only open to Korean residents.

Source: Intel Korea’s Facebook