Global Blackjack: “#2NE1TODAY Here is a picture of the unforgettable ‘After Meeting’ after the 2NE1’s Concert~!!!”

This was the first fan meeting between 2NE1 and Blackjacks?!? Though it wasn’t an official fan meeting, ^_^.  I enjoyed every minute with the fans!!! The meeting was kind of short and, the blackjacks were a bit shy, so we were afraid to say bye to them too fast; however, I want to say thank you all for keeping standing by us, as always! But, wait! Some of them didn’t shake hands with us and left early! ㅠ…hm.. Don’t shake hands then!!!! Ppoowaek~~!! FROM.DARA

Source: Global Blackjack’s Twitter

Verbal: “#2NE1 making everyone #SCREAM !”


Source: Verbal Ambush‘s Twitter

Translated by: cathleehuynh@CLTBF