Official Photos of 2NE1 GLOBAL TOUR 2012 – NEW EVOLUTION (Newark, NJ)



More Park Bom on 2NE1′s Photo Essay Book “What’s Up? We’re 2NE1!” (HQ Scans by JustBom)

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Credit: justbom

2NE1 on Verbal’s Oto Matsuri Event @ A-Nation


  • Bom was very lively giving out heart signs to everyone!
  • After 2ne1 performance with M-flo, Bom said “I love M-flo so much!”. The fans said she was so cute!!


  • She’s So (Outta Control) – Verbal
  • I Am The Best
  • Fire
  • Can’t Nobody
  • Scream
  • Ugly
  • I Love You
  • Go Away
  • Fire

Sources: VERBAL_AMBUSH + YOON_AMBUSH + flizzow + smsa0310

Info by: ilovegd21 + various Twitter accounts

2NE1 performing @ Mezamashi Live Stage

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  • 2NE1 performed IATB, Fire, Can’t Nobody, Scream, I Love You, Go Away, and encore was UGLY for Mezamashi Live!
  • Seems like Bom’s condition isnt good and her voice atm aswell so she didn’t participate in the encore stage.
  • Bommie’s condition was quite bad today and her voice was very hoarse. During the last 2 songs, she didn’t appear.

Source: BOMcorn21

Info by: ilovegd21 + suxxxzu + me2_JP

Translated by: cathleehuynh

Park Bom @ Gimpo Airport Leaving for Japan (HQ Photos)

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Sources: 개벌 + 새우