Fancams of 2NE1 from New Evolution Concert in New Jersey


Intro + I Am The Best


Talk + Clap Your Hands

Try To Follow Me

Don’t Stop The Music

It Hurts

Let’s Go Party

Can’t Nobody (English Ver.)


I Love You

Stay Together

I’m Busy


Pretty Boy

Hate You

I Don’t Care

CL’s Solo Stage

Minzy’s Solo Stage

Dara’s Solo Stage

Encore Stage

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Fanaccount of A Lucky Bombshells at 2NE1 After Concert Fan Meeting


I rose my hand.

Bom: Kristine!

Me: Why didn’t you wear a belly button tee?

Bom: Ah, let me address this. I lost a lot a weight and I worked hard, but when I lost weight I couldn’t sing well. (laughs).

Bom pointed at me during Ugly and then looked surprised and pointed again during I Don’t Care.

Bom called her name when she wanted to ask question

Bom: Oh~ Kristine!

Source: kristinekwak

A/N: The fan meeting was held after today’s concert. You can attend the fan meeting as long as you watched the two concerts and got stamps (Blackjack logo).